About Us

Jewelry by Bella RoseBellaRose Designs is a mother and daughter jewelry design company. Like you, online shopping is something we enjoy doing.  For us, one important part of the online shopping experience is to know something about the individual(s) behind the website store.  Learning a little bit about whom we are buying from gives us confidence and reassurance about the product we are purchasing, and perhaps the type of service we can expect.  With that said, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

I am Alisha Hayes, the daughter part of BellaRose Designs.  I am married, and a mom of a pre-k daughter.  I also work full-time so that I can support my real passion – making jewelry.  I have always loved fashion, accessories and shopping for the perfect necklace to go with the perfect dress.  Too many times though, I would be unable to find that one unique necklace (or earrings, or bracelet), which would make my outfit look just right.  So, I began making my own jewelry, first for myself, and then for friends and family.  It was because of their encouragement that I decided to begin selling my jewelry.

Now for the mother part of BellaRose Designs – I am Melinda Negri, Alisha’s mom.  I am married, have two children (a son, in addition to my daughter) and four grandchildren.  Like my daughter, I too, have a great interest in fashion and jewelry.   Watching Alisha design jewelry, and her enthusiasm for the craft, awakened the artist in me and inspired me to create jewelry as well.  Also, designing jewelry fits in very well with one of my other interests – projects!  Each jewelry design becomes a project for me, from finding the right stones for the right design for the right look and eventually, for the right person. 

We hope this little chronicle about us will give you confidence and reassurance in buying our jewelry.  We take great pride in our collection, both in its design and its quality.  We find sharing our creations with you very exciting and something we truly enjoy! 

Happy Shopping!

Alisha M. Hayes
Melinda Negri